El Clasico Monday

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So maybe hyping it up a bit but for a while I have waited for this years fixture – Barcelona Vs Real Madrid. Now, it could end up being a boring game but hopefully it will be a good game. Real Madrid had stones thrown at their coach on arrival to the hotel with a window being smashed and a security team member being hit. Just a bit of rivalry then!




I think I would go mental if I lost £80,000

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So there’s an news article I read today about a guy who lost £80,000 from the top of his car… More

Tickets Booked

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I have Deadmau5 tickets booked now, great stuff! I am More

I’m loving hi tops right now..

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Yes that’s right, been looking at them today and a custom designer on the Adidas website. It is pretty cool stuff, read on… More

Bad haircut?

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In my opinion, this is a pretty bad/old style haircut from Sagna at Arsenal More

Snow and headphones…


Not reached December yet and already forecasts of snow this week. I have always thought snow is nice to look at out the window but once you get out there it’s a different story! However a snowball fight is always fun! I’m hoping to get some headphones More

Royal Wedding Poll

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Take part in this Poll, click the read the rest link… More

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