So my first post, I wanted to try out a blog and see how it goes. Expect to see many posts from general comments about things to funny pictures and who knows what else! Probably my music stuff too!

Monday’s are horrible. They are made for people like me who wish that there was a 3 day weekend all the time. But then again does that mean that I would just end up hating Tuesday’s?

I haven’t seen some friends for a while! One being Ash G, gosh he’s a character. If you saw him  you would think omg it’s a blonde Russell Brand! Another friend I haven’t seen for a very long time is Katie Shenton! Where are you!?

I’m liking this paradise theme, although I might change it, who knows.

For anyone not from the UK, you are going to get a taste of how a UK guy rocks up around this place, I’d like to see you do it better 😉

Over and out for now and remember, a petition for free pizza at all times could be a good idea…