So there’s an news article I read today about a guy who lost £80,000 from the top of his car…He put it there and drove off and then later that day discovered what he had done. I mean, what! I would go mental I really would. How on earth do you loose £80,000? Some of us would be foaming at the mouth with that in our bag, in cash. I know it is a common mistake to make for people to leave things on top of their car but still.

Do you think anyone would leave their child on top of their car by accident? I doubt it.

I wander what he was doing with all this money, apprantly police have launched a theft enquiry. Well let’s be honest here, if I walking along the street and there in front me is £80,000 in cash, I’m going to pick it up and leap for joy! Who wouldn’t? The first thing I would think of and probably a lot other people also, is that it is probably some dodgy cash that has been lost or something.

Sure, I would consider returning it but I’d probably wait to see if anything hit the headlines. This article has made my Friday anyhow. What would you do with £80,000 that you found?

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