So not posted in a while but will be filling the blog up with more content over the next few weeks.

Since the start of the new year it has been interesting indeed! Made a pretty cool tune that I’m happy with and also got some other stuff I am working on. Got a minecraft server going too ( if you have no idea what this is) to promote myself mainly, but got some pretty cool logos that have been made for me on there!

On another note I have learned a few things about some people since the new year also. Some of those things that stick out are lies and possibly borderline crazy. You can learn who your friends really are and I have recently, so I will in future always seperate the “M Cats” from the proper friends. The proper friends are loyal and show good support, the bad friends blame you for random things and show no support at all.

Met some new people too recently, it seems that people are happy to choose something they will regret, without really knowing what may happen. This is just an observation on recent events which I will go no further into. I’m sure the correct outcome will take place.

Motivation, something I sometimes lack depending on what it is, as Mr Motivator points out there, you should push yourself sometimes to do it! This links up a bit to the above. A bad attitude will not help.

In other news, should be getting down to some more tune making this weekend, loving my new headphones also!

So in the style of Max Rushdens twitter, here are a few points (or conclusions) to wrap up this post:

  • Motivation is needed
  • Make the right decisions, you only live once and although everyone makes mistakes, some are worth the risk
  • Don’t make time for bad friends
  • Listen to my tunes 😀

Oh and I had over 3000 views for my Arnie Rave 2010 video (on youtube), which I thought was cool!

That’s all for now 🙂