Been a while…

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So not posted in a while but will be filling the blog up with more content over the next few weeks.

Since the start of the new year it has More


Got the headphones


So not made a post for a while been busy over christmas etc. Got my sennheiser headphones now, they More


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Looking forward to it, nice break! 😀 Going to work on a new tune too so watch this space 🙂

Duff Beer

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Had a bottle of “real” Duff Beer from the Simpsons at the weekend. From Germany but More

I need..

Leave a comment buy a jacket! Something awesome and that keeps me warm. Let the More

Snow and headphones…


Not reached December yet and already forecasts of snow this week. I have always thought snow is nice to look at out the window but once you get out there it’s a different story! However a snowball fight is always fun! I’m hoping to get some headphones More

Some things to look forward to…


Should be going to see deadmau5 and Magnetic Man in December at the Ricoh in Coventry, yeah! Also going to Bristol with some friends for a christmas outing. I’ve never been to Bristol before More

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